Step-By-Step Guide To Offline Riches

Step-By-Step Guide To Offline Riches

Step-By-Step Guide To Offline Riches

You Don't Have To Be An Expert Internet Marketer To Profit In The Offline World

Let me let you into a little secret.

Even if you're a newcover to online marketing, you have knowledge and skills that can make you a lot of money.

They're of great value to people who don't have those skills and who don't know how to begin to market online.

And there are hundreds (no thousands) of people like that, and all within easy reach of you.

I'm talking offline businesses.

Estate agents, lawyers and dentists - hey, even florists, decorators and car valeting firms.

Any business on, or off, the main street.

They all need to be online... and you can take them there!

A 21st Century Business Without A Web Site - Is Simply Not A Business!

You're sitting on a golden opportunity to stop those enterprises from going under, and to keep them ahead of their competitors.

If you can create a web site, you have a high value service that you can sell

If you can move a web site up the search engine rankings, you have a high value service that you can sell

If you can set up an email lead capture form, you have a high value service that you can sell
Are you seeing a pattern here?

And, even if you don't have any of those skills - you can outsource them.

There really is no logical reason why you can't be an offline marketer.

And, It's Easy To Get Started With Five Modules Of Training

... a step-by-step process which you can use to set up an offline business, find clients, present services to them (which you know you can deliver)... and get paid.

And, you can discover what to do inside the course.

No longer do you need to flounder, or not commit to success. I want you to succeed so badly that I've broken this down into five simple training modules, by the end of which you'll feel ready to tackle offline marketing right in your own town or city.

Here are just some of the highlights inside the course...

  • Exactly why all offline businesses need to improve their marketing strategies, and how you can propel them to success from the existing knowledge you already have online
  • The five elements you need to make your offline business professional (just carry out these and you can establish your business quickly and cheaply - and without paying over the odds)
  • The only three methods you need ever consider to find clients, and 18 ways you've probably never even considered to easily advertise your offline services
  • A useful trick to get over your nerves and market offline, even if you don't like meeting businesses to present your offers to them in person.
  • A quick checklist for meeting clients for the first time to make sure that the offer you present is right for them
  • The two page document that you always need to bring with you to impress a client (and the elements you can put in it that take just minutes to create and which can really wow your customer)
  • How to ethically trick your customer to spend more money with you (miss this trick and it's like throwing away money which offline businesses are just waiting to pour on you)
  • The one precise question you need to ask to close the deal (ask this question if your client is looking apprehensive and you can pull success from near defeat)
  • And much more...
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  1. Offline marketing is all about selling your online skills to offline (local, brick-and-mortar) companies.
  2. Offline marketing is a big opportunity for you to put cash in your pocket month after month. Thousands of small-business owners need your help right now.
  3. The Course is divided into five modules, with the strongest emphasis on showing you how to get new clients.

    Finding new leads and generating new customers is one of the easy parts of this business model. In fact, if you even follow one aspect of this module, you could have a sizable check in your hand by next week.

    When you set up the meetings with your new clients, there is a sales and marketing protocol that will win those people over to your side.

    A smile and a handshake used to seal many deals in the "old days." Today, however, the best way to solidify an agreement with your client is to provide documents to reinforce your integrity and credibility.

    Although this module is rather short, it contains vital information for the success of your business.

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