In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn

Expand your knowledge and impact your knowledgeable idea to the world !


“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

– Phil Collins

Fast and competent online institution known as 24x7 E-University  has made their employment status public. We are so honored to have created a potential job for the best instructors all over the world.

We from 24x7 E-University have fully organized our system of employment and job status to your satisfaction. Things you expect to see are

  • Our Application process is simple and Engaging
  • We have a fully trained team
  • We need long term instructors
  • Salary very attractive

So feel free and join the group of gifted instructors all over the world to expand your knowledge and impact your knowledgeable idea to the world, you will be excited when you join our team.

How Our System Works



We will help you to achieve your dream by transforming you from an expert in your desired field to an instructor and you will be recognized in what you do best. You are free to teach anything you like.



Creativity is one of the keys to success, with our group of expert, we give you your desired freedom to design your basic tools suitable for your online tutor or online course, your experiences and exposure are fully needed in 24x7 E-University.

Teach millions

Teach millions

When you join our team of expert, you will be opportune to reach millions of students worldwide in the largest online learning marketplace, and deliver your course on any device, at any time. Does a dream come true?

Earn Real Money

Earn Real Money

As we indicated previously that our salary is very attractive, you will be able to earn some real money seriously in any currency of your choice and also build your personal brand with your portfolio, all while making a real difference in the lives of students.

Attractive Revenue

Attractive Revenue

Once you become part and parcel of our team you can Keep 80% of the revenue you earned. 24x7 E-University will handle all customer service, payment processing and hosting fees, all at no cost to you!



As you become part of us, we will be rest assured that you will handle every teaching style; we give you every right to engage your student, responsive and you will be able to teach every material clearly to your student.  Finally, you can teach your topic in your own style, innovate and experiment your courses over time. Build your courses on your own time using free and easy-to-use course creation tools.

Control Your Course

Control Your Course

We give you every right to your content and shape your brand with complete control over your course. We all believed with this strategy that it will be able to equip you more in your academic skills.



Always feel free to get the answers you need with 24/7 customer support. We have the best customer care service.


Q1. Are there any costs associated with creating a course on 24x7 E-University?

Nope! Creating a course is entirely free for our instructors and there are never any maintenance fees. You keep 80% of the revenue when a student purchases your courses.

Q2.  How should I price my course?

Courses on 24x7 E-University can be priced between $10 and $300. It is all up to you to make your decision.

Q3.  How does 24x7 E-University promote my course?

We promote your courses in so many online platforms and they are a best-selling marketplace like Click bank affiliate program, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Q4.  Can I get revenue shared when students purchase membership package?

No, you will only get 80% of the revenue when a student purchases your courses individually.

Q5. When will I get paid?

Payment will be paid into your PayPal account on 1st of every month.

Q6.  How to check the purchase status of my courses?

We will inform you via email once your courses are purchased.

Q5. How to get started?

Visit our official website, and follow these processes below

  • Register a teacher account. Send us your course file at to get approval.
  • Once approved, Log into your account.
  • Move your mouse pointer to the left top where it shows "24x7 E-University" and Click "Dashboard".
  • Go to "LMS" to start creating your course, lesson, quizzes, or questions.
  • Click on "Submit" and wait for your course to get approve.

Q6. How to get paid per view not per sale?

You can also get paid every time when people read your article! Join HERE

Q7. How can I contact if you I still have any question?

Locate contact us through our contact form. Our contact 24/7 365 help centre. Your questions are always welcomed.


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